Vert design is a small industrial design consultancy based initially based in Annandale has relocated to Redfern in Sydney. They are a small to medium design consultancy practising in sustainable design. This philosophy is imparted in their name Vert Design meaning en Français “green Design”.

Aside from the previous work I executed under Vert design in this portfolio I had also worked on the design and graphics for their coffee machine. This was a conceptual piece designed for competition.

The brief behind this design was to design a coffee machine which not only brewed a decent cup but also gave control of all elements involved in making a coffee to the user, thus showing off the unique skill needed to brew.

Sounding a relatively simple task I took on the project, soon realising how technical it was. There are many elements involved in making a coffee with a coffee machine that all professional and amateur machines regulate for the user.

Firstly and most importantly is pressure, and, secondly water intake for the boiler chamber. Both of these elements have strict Australian standards due to the dangerous prospects involved in managing pressurised hot water.

The first element led to the use of the dials indicating to the user both the temperature of the water and the relative pressure. These indicators had to be in perfect balance to make the perfect coffee. If the water is too hot the coffee will be burn, if the water wasn’t under the correct amount of pressure the water wouldn’t filter through the beans to extract the correct amount flavour and creamer.

Controlling the dials relied water intake and pressure. As the water intake was to be controlled by the user, the water inlet valve had to enable the water to enter the boiler without violent ejection and possibly injuring the user. This required a great deal of skill to start the process.

Vert Design Modeling & Engineering Drawing

The project was technically driven to ensure all Australian standards were met. The image in the top left corner shows an assembly of all the technical components of the boiler unit. This is broken down into three main components; the top assembly, middle assembly and the bottom assembly. Simply this is broken down to the water intake, water boiling and water output. All pieces were modeled in Solidworks and exported into Rhino 3D for rendering.

To show the most realistic finishes for the model Rhino 3D was used to produce a quick rendering to give the idea of where this machine will be used.

Although a complex and technical machine the material selection used give a sense of warmth to suit the modern kitchen.

Nicholas Blackburn Design Vert Design

Vert Design