Tunbridge Homestead is a 300 acre farm located in the Upper Hunter Valley in the township of Merriwa NSW.

Tunbridge Homestead is a sheep farm producing lamb for meat and high quality progeny rams for breeding a Wiltipol sheep, (sheep that shed their wool for the purposes of meat production not wool).

As Tunbridge is located close to the Goulburn River National Park they have a problem with birds of prey (particularly eagles) killing lambs during the spring time (Lambing season).

Tunbridge Homestead and Eagle Eye

As Eagles are a protected species the challenge was to find a means of deterring the birds from killing the lambs whilst not harming the eagles themselves.

I had come across a product called Eagle Eye produced and used in South Africa to deter birds of prey from attacking animals on farms over there. Eagles Eye is a pyramid shaped structure with a reflective surface that rotates from a small electric motor. It reflects the sun sporadically distracting the birds of prey vision making it more comfortable for them to hunt in areas where there are less distractions.

The challenge was to design a system that enabled Eagle eye to function in various locations from an independent power source reflecting light during dusk and dawn as well as during the day. The system needed to power down after dusk and power up at dawn as to not drain the batteries requied to power.

Tunbridge Homestead Vege patch

As the homestead is in a quite remote location, heading into town to buy fruit, vege and herbs is a bit of an effort. To resolve this problem I made some vege patches at working height to provide not only for fresh fruit and vege but to share amongst those those work on the property.

The idea is to make several of these raised patches looking over the gully outside their kitchen to be a picturesque setting for some enjoyable gardening.

Tunbridge Homestead – Eagle Eye