I was approached by Maxine to assist her in creating an online presence, healingfeelings.com.au.

Maxine provides clinical psychological services. She was looking to help more clients and further build her practice. Her services are of a private nature, an online presence has become the easiest way for clients to find her.

Organizations such as beyond blue, The Australian Psychological Society and the Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Association of Australia amongst many have a rich online resource of which people seeking psychological assistance can find a the help they need.

Maxine wanted to articulate her practice not only on the relevant association bio on their website but give a more in depth insight to her experience and treatments.

The site required guidance on content, site architecture, photography, photo editing and finding relevant links to associations.

Maxine now has increased communication with those needing help and is able to provide care and assistance to an increasing number of those that need it.



Online Presence Healingfeelings.com.au