Mastroplas is a plastic injection moulding company situated in Dee Why affiliated with Vert design. During my time at Vert Design I worked on a project to redesign the website and the corporate identity of Mastroplas and their subsidiary company Best Practice Plastics (A company set to use sustainable plastics in their moulding).

As Mastroplas is a company in a globally competitive marketplace they found the biggest threat to their business came from international competitors. They found design and open communication is the best solution to achieve growth in the Australian manufacturing industry. By Mastroplas looking toward sustainable practices they can further achieve growth by igniting passions about manufacturing responsibility opposing conditions and practices their international competitors have not considered.

The re-design of the corporate identity stemmed from accessible modern graphic designing methods. Mastroplas’s website needed a clear and concise re-design to outline their benefits over that of their international competitors. This work is outlined in the following page.

Vert Design is outsourced as Mastroplases’ design department. As a part of my time at Vert Design the development of Mastroplas and the initial development for Best Practice Plastics were two projects I took from design to completion.


The two logos have a similar style but in the case of the new logo a stronger emphasis of the function of the business was needed.

The purple dot to the left of the old logo is intended to (along with the line between the text) show the injection moulding line. Integrating the line with the coloured dot in the new logo and showing the mould gives the eye an immediate reference to the business function.

Clearing the background was another element to Mastroplases’ re-imaging. The grey background in the old logo has not got the clean appearance Mastroplas wanted to emphasise.


Subsequently, the website needed to reflect the new clean and efficient direction of the company. The image right shows a direct comparison between the old and new websites, in particular the home pages of both. Key elements which required updating were imagery and content while presentation and usability of the site needed an overhaul.

Colours used in the old website (upper image) were overbearing, improvements were made by using colour as a highlighting feature not an overbearing distraction. Integrating their logo into their website was also a good key to identifying them.

Mastroplas wanted to reflect their technological advancements in moulding practices, the easiest way to translate these advancements to the website user was through imagery. Encompassing in a border of these images reiterated their advancement and openness.

Throughout the website constant reference to their contact information is seen as an effective means of getting the website user to move their interest from a viewer of the site to a communicator with the company.