Junni Lebanese is a small family owned and operated restaurant in Walsh Bay, Sydney. The brief was to execute their change in branding. They had changed their trading name from Junni Desserts to Junni Lebanese to reflect the change in function of their business.

Junni Desserts initially opened doors as a dessert restaurant. A drop in clientèle came in-line with seasonal changes, the area lacked the of need to have a restaurant exclusively serving dessert which lead Junni Deserts to changed their business plan.

Their brief was to steadily integrate the changes to their branding/trading name across print and digital media through the business. This included a complete overhaul of their menu, creation of business cards and update of their website before any further re-design could be undertaken.

This project stemmed from my knowledge of the hospitality industry assisting them on wine and beer selection for their list.

The on-line component is still pending. A part of this project will based in flash and HTML updating. This will then move to a server integrated code and CMS as required.

Junni Lebanese