The Flat Pac Coffee table is a convenient design aimed at younger household consumers. The design is intended to assemble and disassemble when required. It is laser cut from any variety of materials and and colour. Flat Pac made to order.

As a flat packed piece it is easy to store away in small places when needed. This is made for small apartment living reflected by the inexpensive material and simple design making it ideal for young people buying household items on a budget.

The design is structurally sound with the magazine storage acting as a lynchpin tying all the elements together. The underside of the table top has bored holes matching the profile of the legs to stop sliding of the table top.

The intent of the design is to be a part of a series of furniture pieces including a bed base, side table and tall boy. They are all relatively inexpensive items for those young people needing reliable furniture which can be flat packed when required.

Flat Pac Coffee Table