Firefly Wine Bar Walsh Bay is an outdoor fully licensed tapas/wine bar. Over the past few years of their business development firefly underwent a change in their corporate identity in-line with their business growth and expansion in opening two new restaurants under the same name and combined ownership.

Their previous corporate identity focused around their name and meaning of the word “Firefly”. This focus was then shifted to reflect their operations and the service they deliver.

The firefly lady displayed on their logo was the nucleolus around all design for Firefly Wine Bar.

Above is displayed one portion of the work I undertook for Firefly, the change in signage to reflect their new corporate identity.

This involved:

  • Design the new image to fit the aspect of the Walsh Bay Precinct style guide for business signage.
  • Optimizing the image for vinyl print within the guidelines set
  • Organising the printing along with removal and replacement of old signage with new.

Firefly Shading

One element effecting the Firefly venue at Walsh Bay was the management of their exposure outdoor elements. The shading of the venue became an issue as summer is the biggest revenue period the business with exposure to the sun deterring clientèle. Their efforts to shade using outdoor umbrellas had become a issue of storage and did not adhere to the Walsh Bay Precinct guidelines.

The images show the process which was undertaken in obtaining the final result.

  • The umbrellas used lean into the restaurant making the walkway through the restaurant difficult and a fire safety hazard.
  • The rock holding down the base is an OH&S hazard.
  • The umbrellas obstructed the prime asset of the business, the view.

The computer generated concept was presented. The concept was accepted hindered only by the Walsh Bay Precinct guidelines disallowing substantial weight the be placed on the glass canopy overhead changing the hidden retractor.

The re-design entailed manufacturing marine grade stainless steel brackets to be fixed to the glass canopy with marine grade wire attached between the brackets. Fashioned sail material was threaded between the wires to shade. This design can be opened or closed depending on weather requirements of the restaurant.

Post installation of the shading increased daytime revenue of the restaurant whilst exposure to the elements reduced.

Firefly Graphic

These images where designed to inform local residents and workers that Firefly was opening for breakfast and what they could sample from the new opening hours.

The graphic of the firefly lady pointing to enlist was inspired from the classic 1914 “Lord Kitchener Wants You” poster to enlist recruits for the First World War.

The Walsh Bay precinct was experiencing an increase in competition as more and more restaurants took residence in the area.

 As Firefly was the first restaurant in the precinct to take lease of the commercial space the flyer was designed to keep Firefly in the minds of the local and residents this imagery was used to highlight the bond Firefly had with the area and without local support Firefly would not be able to grow into the frontfoot hospitality business they are today.

These teaser menu flyer was distributed to residents and businesses around the Walsh Bay area with much success and interest from the local community.

Firefly Wine Bar Walsh Bay