This project was to redesign the website for the Canterbury/Bankstown Children’s Festival Organisation (CFO).

The Canterbury/Bankstown CFO is the largest and first festival of it’s kind to promote multiculturalism for children in Australia. They are a non-for-profit organisation which had trouble  enlisting the benefits which design and web-design can offer.

The initial site was developed in php code with a less than inspiring if not confusing Content Management System CMS. As the site is administered by the organisation not by a web professional the CFO required a user friendly CMS.

The CFO after many years of operating had a vast amount of content they wanted to share online. This combined with a CMS difficult for the organisation to administer made changes and updates difficult resulting in a less than inspiring front end to the page.

As information was posted on the site in what appeared to be random places it made the user interface difficult for the end user. The Combination of disorganised information, uninspiring design and constant audio distraction from their flash banner made flow through the site difficult and navigation less than pleasurable.


Children’s Festival Organisation – The re-design

Aside for the obvious changes to the website seen on the previous page, the CFO website needed a lot of organisation of information.

Along with this organisation the information needed a clear and coherent design to display the content.

The initial changes to the site involved:

• A vibrant colour scheme to reflect the CFO’s target market and entice both children and adults to use the site.

• Clearly displaying the logo to identifying the CFO apart from other children’s festivals

• Creating different pages devoted to specialised information:

• A page for each of the two festivals run by the CFO clearly displaying the dates which the festivals are held, including the following;

  • A downloadable PDF of the event time for each festival and site map of the festival
  • Downloadable location maps
  • A page devoted to messages
  • A page devoted to sponsors
  • News links which can be easily updated to release new occurrences relating to the festivals or competitions the festival will be running.
  • The ability for site users to share the updated news on their social media accounts
  • The ability for the user to reply to the news in a thread to re-leave the high amount of emails sent with repetitive questions.
  • Clear and defined menu bar with sub-menus to re-leave navigation problems
  • Clear display of contact information

Working with Louise Tran newly appointed to resolve these issues we managed to clearly address these issues with great success for the CFO. to get to the festivals from government ministers.

Childrens Festival Organisation